We have often heard something like this from our clients: "I've paid thousands over the years for my insurance and have barely ever used it, sure wish I could get some of that premium back".  WELL, NOW YOU CAN!!

Through the NWMLS, qualifying members with two enrollees have an alternative solution  that has been typically available only to large group employers.   Partially self-funded plans have been very attractive to many small to mid-size businesses but now are available to groups of two or more (see note below for husband/wife groups).

Some of the advantages of a partially self-funded health plan include:

  • One predictable monthly premium
  • Your money in your claims account goes exclusively to your group’s claims experience
  • If your group’s claims are less than expected, your savings can be very significant
  • If your group’s claims are larger than expected, stop loss insurance protects you
  • You have the opportunity to receive money back if you don’t use all the funds from your claims account
  • Flexible plan designs to meet employees' needs (HSA plans recommended)
  • 1099 Employees can be included!  That is not true of most plans

In order to obtain a quote all employees will need to complete a short online health survey.  This information is HIPAA protected and no one has visibility to this information other than the carrier and the employee.  We simply are told whether or not each employee has completed the five-minute questionnaire.   If there are questions, the carrier may contact the employee directly for clarification.

To move ahead, say the word and a separate email will be sent to you with the link that can be forwarded to your employees for this survey.  The email will include an explanation to your employees.

We are often asked at Green Financial:  "What do you do for your insurance?"  For us the answer was easy, an HSA with a self-funded National General plan.  And we love it!  We get to go to the doctor of our choice, we get the huge HSA tax advantages and because we are relatively healthy, we save an enormous amount on our premiums.

Please watch this short video to see how a partially self-funded plan can substantially reduce your healthcare costs:    VIDEO LINK

Husband/Wife Groups:   A husband and wife group may even qualify as long as they have had at least one other employee in the last year, W-2 or 1099, even if only for a few hours during the year.   That is, if you paid at least one other person on a 1099 basis, regardless of hours worked and although they would not be eligible to participate, that would allow the husband and wife group to qualify.

National General Plan Brochure

For Providers, National General contracts with First Choice Network and Aetna Insurance (Signature Network).  Nearly every provider and hospital is part of the network, it’s very rare to find a non-participating provider.