There's power in numbers!

Since 1986 Association Insurance has been helping small businesses and the self-employed join together to use their combined purchasing power to obtain competitive group employee benefits.

Association Insurance provides expertise in arranging and distributing these plans by bringing together trade groups, insurance carriers, trust consultants and well-vetted local brokers with proven expertise and experience to assist members.

Association Health Plans (AHPs), under the Department of Labor's rule, are group health plans that employer groups and associations offer to provide health coverage for employees. ... The rule allows more employer groups and associations to form AHPs, based on common geography or industry.

With Trumps 2018 executive order, healthcare payers are beginning to launch many brand new partnerships with trade organizations and chambers of commerce to provide association health plans (AHPs) to small businesses and contractors.

The roll out of AHPs follows federal and state efforts to position AHPs as an option for individual or small group ACA health plans. Small businesses and contractors can form association groups to purchase health plans that are generally less expensive than products offered through the ACA exchanges. 

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